CKYC Workshop by Dr. Chanthika Pornpitakpan: Buddhist Meditation; and Mediate for Better Me, No. 1/2017 / 蔡繼有書院工作坊:與Chanthika Pornpitakpan博士探討※佛學禪修:裨益,真理與實踐§及 “禪修工作坊,2017年第1期”

Dr. Chanthika Pornpitakpan was invited to hold meditation workshops, “Buddhist Meditation: benefits, principles, and practice” and “Mediate for Better Me, No. 1/2017” on 22th March and 5th April respectively. Dr. Chanthika Pornpitakpan, an associate professor from FBA gave us a wonderful presentation of meditation. Dr. Pornpitakpan started with brief history and core concepts of Buddhism. […]

CKY Collegiate Sports Series in March, 2017

Organized by CKYC House Association, the CKY Collegiate Sports Series in March 2017 is held successfully! The sport competitions provide CKYC members with intrinisic value for mental and psychological development. In addition, the competitions of table football, badminton, and volleyball also give an opportunity for members to build up the team spirit! On Mar 8, […]

CKYC Master’s Tea with Prof. Frederick Davis: “Science and Passion: A Contradiction?” / 蔡繼有書院院長茶聚:與Frederick Davis教授探討“科學與熱情存在矛盾嗎?”

CKYC Master’s Tea with Prof. Frederick Davis, themed at “Science and Passion: A Contradiction”, was held successfully on 20th March. The wonderful talk Prof. Davis presented enlightened the general and excited the specific. Prof. Frederick Davis teaches in Purdue University and is the R. Mark Lubbers Chair in the History of Science in the Department […]

CKYC Master’s Tea with Dr. John D. Ho: “Happiness: A Perspective Borrowed from Economics” / 蔡繼有書院院長茶聚:與何秩生博士探討「快樂-以經濟學來衡量人生觀」

CKYC Master’s Tea with Dr.John D.Ho, themed at “Happiness: a perspective borrowed from Economics”, was held successfully on 6th March. Dr. John D. Ho, who teaches at Lingnan University in Hong Kong gave us an insight into happiness using some concepts borrowing from economics. The discussion went all over the place: we talked about ethical, […]

Mardi Gras, Pankcake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday on Feb 28, 2017

Pancake, pancake, everywhere! Feb 28, 2017 was Pancake Tuesday, a festival celebrated in many parts of the world. Nearly 30 CKYC Collegians, including the 3-year old genius Hinter, gathered at the Master’s apartment, frying pancakes! Many learned how to do the pancake mix and fry the pancakes for the first time. It happened to be […]