Residential College Fee and Refund Policy for Academic Year 2018/2019

UM Undergraduate Freshmen should live in a Residential College during their first year of study. Upper-class students may apply to live in a Resident College.  Those who register for residential living during the First Semester undertake (or pledge) to reside in the College for the entire academic year. College Fees, however, are paid in two installments, one in May and the other in November.


•  Residential College Fee (2018/2019)

The Residential College Fee is applicable to all students living in Residential Colleges, including new intakes and returning students. Kindly please find the RC fee in 2018/2019 for your reference:

 Student from College Fee per Academic Year (MOP)
Macau 14,500
Non Local 23,700
* Macau student refers to holder of valid Macao SAR I.D. card;
* Room type is double occupancy for two semesters. The fee includes 15 meals per week, residential college facilities, activities, high table dinner, workshops and seminars.