Additional Expectations of Service for HA Working Group Chairs in 2017-18:

  • The chair is expected to demonstrate team spirit by working collegially with HA other members. Working together to create a strong sense of College spirit among students of CKYC is the common desire of us.
  • Active communication with the College Master, Associate Master, Resident Fellows, College Administrative Staff, and RTs and RAs are encouraged. The chair needs to demonstrate a common sense of purpose with the other members of the College leadership and work in the spirit of mutual cooperation and assistance.
  • The other responsibility is to attend meetings and training activities arranged by College Master, Associate Master, and Resident Fellows.
  • It is also the responsibility of the chairs to assist the training and preparation of activities in the CKYC New Student Orientation.
  • The availability to attend HA executive meetings and meetings with the College Academic Staff on Wednesday afternoon during the academic semesters are encouraged.
  • The submission of written reports each semester on all working group activities with budgetary information are part of the job of the working group committee.  These reports will be made public.
  • The chair is expected to have the presence as resident in the College and visible as an active member during meal time in the College Dining Hall and participate in activities organized by college activities, clubs, floor activities, and the like.
  • The chair is also expected to assist the College Academic Leadership in recruiting CKYC students to join College activities, Inter-College competitions, and the like.