CKYC House Association

The CKYC House Association consists of 3 members (President, Vice-President and Secretary) to serve at the Executive Board and 5 working group chairs to serve at different functional positions. The following provides some guidelines in assisting CKYC members to understand the forming, roles and expectations while working at the CKYC House Association.


CKYC – House Association – the Forming and Organization

  1. The call for application of the HA positions (President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer) opens in April and interested CKYC members can apply the positions by completing and submitting the application form to CKYC office within the time frame as specified.
  2. Applicants are invited to attend an interview conducted by the Election Commission for 15 minutes.
  3. During the interview, applicants shall have the chance to express themselves, visions and expectations towards the HA development in the coming academic year. The Commission will also examine the eligibility of the applicants and make clarification towards different questions.
  4. Interviews are usually held in the Fellows’ Salon and open to all College members.
  5. Election process will then conducted after confirmation from Election Commission.
  6. The newly appointed HA President and his/her executive members will then recruit the 5 Work Group Chairs in Sports, Social Activity, Arts and Culture, Communication and Outreaching and Community and Social Service to form a team with regular meetings (at least 6 per semester) and to serve as leaders in assisting CKYC students to have growth in different perspectives.


Work Group Chairs – Job Description and Guidelines  

  1. Each work group chair can invite CKYC members to serve as vice-chair and secretary and form their own committee in Sports, Social Activity, Arts and Culture, Communication and Outreaching and Community and Social Service;
  2. Each work group is responsible for the development of yearly plan and organize and coordinate the development of different HA and ICC activities under their own charge; 
  3. The work group is required to prepare agendas for meetings and minutes to record the decisions. These documents are required to submit to HA Secretary-Treasurer regularly. Proposals for different HA and ICC works are expected to be developed. These proposals are needed to present and report at HA meetings for discussion or endorsement.
  4. The work group chair and the committee is responsible in preparing, revising, and submitting activity proposals and reports in a timely manner.
  5. The chair is expected to be visible in the college functions and HA activities and attending and assisting college and HA activities (like Master’s Tea, Special Event, High Table Dinner, etc.).




1)          An Elections Commission shall be appointed by the College Master of CKYC before the opening of the nomination period for the Annual Election.

2)         The Commission may include CKYC academic staff, administration staff, Resident Tutors (RT), and Resident Assistants (RA) who are not standing for election.

3)        The Commission shall be responsible for the organization, administration and operation of the Election and will certify the Election results.

4)       The Commission shall be terminated two days after the election results have been released.

5)        At the meetings of the Elections Commission, two thirds of the Commission Members shall form a quorum.


1)        Business

The business of the Annual Election is to elect the executive members of the House Association of Choi Kai Yau College for a term beginning in the subsequent academic year. It will conduct an election from among executive teams of three.

2)       Campaigning, Application and Nomination

a)          Each Executive Team running for election shall have only 3 candidates, one for each of the following posts:  President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

b)          There is no limit to the number of Teams running for election.

c)           Self-nomination applications for candidate Teams shall be opened for at least five days and shall be closed at least 10 days before Election Day. Each Resident Member may only participate on one Team.  All candidates must be residential members of CKYC.  (Non-residential members are ineligible to hold HA offices but may vote in HA elections).

d)          The Election Commission shall scrutinize every nomination form within forty-eight hours upon receipt of the nomination and render a judgement on the approval of the Team’s candidacy.

e)           Any individual candidate or Team wishing to withdraw consent to nomination shall inform the Election Commission in written form within seventy-two hours after the submission of his/her nomination.

f)            Eligible candidates who have received warning letters or other forms of punishment from the disciplinary panel of the University or CKYC within one academic year of Election Day shall not be eligible to run as a candidate in the election.

g)          Eligible candidates with a cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) below a 2.0 (or the equivalent for students from the Faculty of Law) shall not be eligible for the election.

h)          Eligible candidates will be Residential Members of CKYC and plan to be full-time undergraduate students for the entirety of the subsequent academic year.

3)       Election Day

a)          The Annual Election shall be held and completed on Election Day.

b)          An Official Notice of the Election Day shall be posted at least five days in advance.

4)     The Campaign Period

a)          The Campaign Period shall be held within one week before the Election Day.

b)          Campaign events and activities shall be opened to all members of the College and approved by the Elections Commission.

c)          The Elections Commission reserves the right of final interpretation and the final decision on the rules of the Campaign Period.

5)        Voting

a)          Voting shall be held by secret ballot.

b)          When there is only one Team, the elector shall vote for the Team or abstain.

c)          When there is more than one Team, electors shall indicate only one Team on their ballot or abstain.

d)          Only when the number of ballots cast is equal or greater than half of the number of resident members of the College shall the election be considered valid.  If the number of ballots cast is less than half of the number of resident members of the College, the polls will remain open for additional 24-hour periods until the minimum threshold is met.

e)          The Candidate Team receiving the highest percentage of votes cast shall be declared the winner, provided that the Team has received a minimum of 40% of all votes cast


1) A Runoff election shall be held:

a)          In the event of a tie between the two top Candidate Teams; or in the event that no Candidate Team receives greater than 40% of all votes cast.

b)          If the Election Appeals Board so decides.

2) Operations of the Runoff Election:

a)          An official notice of the Runoff Election Day shall be posted at least five days beforehand.

b)          Only the Candidate Teams that placed first and second during the first round of voting shall be placed on the ballot for the Runoff Election.  (Special rules for runoff elections made upon appeal shall be decided by the Election Appeals Board.)

c)          Relevant rules and procedures for the Annual Election also apply to the Runoff Election.


1) Any formal written complaints or appeals concerning the results or any aspect of the election process must be made in writing to the Elections Commission and the College Master by student members of CKYC.  Complaints and Appeals must be made within the election period and no later than 24 hours of the announcement of the election results.

2) In the event that a complaint is raised against the activities or decisions of the Elections Commission, the College Master will appoint and chair an Election Appeals Board to reach a final decision about the complaint or appeal.