Alex, Yao MingHao

Social Activities

Alex, Minghao YAO

➔  Year 2 student; Major in Government and Public Administration; Enjoys in traveling and photographing.

➔  I come from Shaanxi Province of Mainland China. Proud to be the leader of Social Activities Group of CKYC House Association.

Social Activities Group – The main work of our group focuses on activities design and organizing within CKYC. For example, during the 1st semester of 2016, the group helped the activities design in Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween night and some other activities such as talent show. I am glad to see my team mates are people with imagination and vitality. To do our best in increasing the sense of belonging of CKYC family is the major concern of our group.


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Mid-Autumn Festival

Halloween Night

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元宵節 Festival