Tim Tianwen WANG

Community and Social Services Working Group

Tim Tianwen WANG

➔  Year 2 student; Major in Economics; Enjoys to be the Chair of Community and Social Service.

➔  Every CKYCers should learn to care about each other because our college will always be a caring community.

Community and Social Services Working Group–Community and Social Services Group has the responsibility in the forming of an academic community, protection of College’s public environment, as well as the development of internal and external servicing activities. Voluntary works at High Table Dinner and ICC League activities are part of the works of the service group. We are proud to be involved in different charity and volunteer activities such as Ishigaki public house building and service works at old people’s homes. The participation in the annual activities organized by HA such as Halloween and Mid-Autumn Festival activities help our group members to become mature in related works on public management and space maintenance.


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