CKYCers were everywhere in the campus on UM Open Day, April 09, 2017 / 澳門大學開放日 – 蔡繼有書院院生無處不在

This has been a day of triumphs for CKYC students.  We were everywhere.  The Cheerleading Group performed in the Main Ceremony at 3-4 p.m. in front of the Library before a group of dignitaries from the Macau government, donors from the community, parents, friends, countless high school children, and, of course, the big shots of UM itself.  Our Cheerleaders were the only performers from any RC or UM unit!


Our band, Black Pack, did the College great service by giving us a rousing opening in an afternoon of wonderful music and singing on the Central Avenue.  And many members of our college spent hours planning, decorating, and preparing for the College stall and raised a staggering sum of money for charity.  More than MOP8,000 was collected (though some of that will be deducted for expenses, it’s still a very handsome sum of money).  Those who helped went beyond the HA Working Group on Service, though that group certainly deserves a round of applause.

Our students were represented in many other activities as well – UM Choir, various food stalls (Japanese, Mongolian, etc.), and some international students also participated in the parade.  And our African drums attracted a lot of attention; many children had fun playing them.

And the CKYC Bear was ever so popular!

We made our presence felt!  We manifested our CKYC spirit!  We are proud of our College.


image2 CIMG8609



我們的樂隊,Black Pack,在中央大道以一個激動人心的演出開始,為我們帶來一個充滿美好音樂和歌聲的下午。





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