In July 2016, 16 students from Choi Kai Yau College(CKYC), University of Macau, went to rural China to be volunteers and teach the local children for two weeks. This Sumner Service and Learning Program was hold together by Tsinghua University and Tseng Hin Pei Charity Fund. The 16 CKYC students have been divided into 8 teams. Each team went to different rural areas with students who came from Tsinghua University, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries. The service learning program aims to teach junior and senior high school students in rural China. The curriculum cover various subjects including artistic engagement like music, painting and dancing to help the local children think independently, work as a team, and learn more about the outside world.

Within the 14 days, the CKYC students also learned the local culture and challenges from these childrens. They realized how difficult these children could come out from the remote villages and change their life. The CKYC students had more in depth understanding about the meaning of such service learning programs. They started to think about the solutions to help out these children in a more sustainable way instead of one-off voluntary teaching.

“In this service learning trip, I can feel that each student here eagerly want to learn more. Though it is summer holiday, they are excited about taking our classes. Once they are attracted by your topic, they would become very active and diligent. “Huang, one of the CKYC volunteers told us.

One of the local children Zhang Qian, who came from Wen Cui Middle school, Jing Ning county, Ping Liang City, Gansu Province said, “I am so glad to meet all these young teachers. All I want to say is just thank you sincerely. In this small county, people have little knowledge. But you let us know how wonderful the outside world is.”

Before this service learning trip, some of our CKYC volunteers still doubt whether it’s helpful to do this kind of one off voluntary teaching. However, when they met the local children and saw the villages surrounded by mountains, they believed that even with only two weeks teaching and time spent together, something has changed in the hearts of these children. And these small changes would grow in the future one day.

Zhong Peiting, Year 2 student from Choi Kai Yau College, University of Macau



在這短短的14天中,蔡繼有書院院生不僅給當地孩子帶去了知識和眼界,也從孩子們和一起義教的各地隊友身上收穫良多,看到了與澳門不同的風景,感受到不同的文化, 隊員們對義教的意義與自身的社會責任有了更深刻的理解,對社會和人生也有了更多思考。



光陰似箭,日月如梭。 曾經有人說支教是一項殘忍的活動因為它的離別實在是太快。在支教前,很多隊員也在思考支教的意義到底是什麼。然而,當隊員看到被群山環抱與世隔絕的村莊,看到孩子們充滿熱情和驚喜的臉龐,他們體會到愚公移山的精神,盡自己綿薄之力,移去大山對知識湧入的阻礙,為當地的孩子輸入新鮮的見識與活力。儘管隊員們與孩子們只有短短幾日的接觸,但至少已經有一顆小小的種子埋在了孩子們的心裡,在不久的將來,長大成茁壯的大樹!

澳門大學 蔡繼有書院大二學生 鐘佩婷