CKYC Notice: CKYC Resident Assistant Recruitment (Academic Year 2017/2018) / 蔡繼有書院通知:二零一七/二零一八學年蔡繼有書院書院小助理招聘

Dear CKYC Students,

Greetings from Choi Kai Yau College ! We are now seeking for qualified candidates to replenish the position of 2017/2018 Resident Assistants (Floor Leaders), kindly find the below details for your information:

1. Eligible Applicants: Raising Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 CKYC Students
2. Application Period: 11 (Tuesday) – 20 (Thursday) April, 2017
3. Application Method:  

  • Fill in and hand in the RA application form to G003 office by 6pm, April 20 (Thursday).
  • The RA application form could be printed out by the attached softy copy or obtained from G003 office during office hours.


*** Please ensure your information is complete and accurate before submission. After submission, no change is permitted.
*** This form serves as application only, there is no guaranteed success.
*** CKYC has reserved the right of final decision.

4. RA Job Description: Please find the attachment for more details.

5. Schedule:

On-line Application Period 11 -20 April, 2017
Interviews Schedule End of April 2017 (Tentatively)
Result Announcement End of April 2017 (Tentatively)

For any enquires, please contact us via email: Thank you for your kind attention!

Choi Kai Yau College




1.        合資格的申請人:升大二、大三、大四的蔡繼有書院院生

2.        接受申請時間:2017年4月11日(星期二)至 2017年4月20日(星期四)

3.        申請方法:

請於4月20日晚6點前提交填寫完整的RA application form 到G003書院辦公室。

*RA application form可自行打印附件中的表格,也可在辦公時間到G003書院辦公室領取。


*** 請在提交申請表格前確保你的資料是輸入正確的。在提交申請表格後,恕不接受任何更改。

*** 此表格只作書院申請之用 。

*** 蔡繼有書院將保留最終決定權。

4.        書院小助理工作內容:詳情請參閱附件內容

5. 時間表:

申請時間 2016411日至20
面試時間 20164下旬(暫定)
結果公佈 20164月下旬(暫定)