CKYC Master’s Tea with Prof. Rostam J. Neuwirth: Creative Skills in a Creative Economy 

CKYC Master’s Tea with Prof. Rostam J. Neuwirth, who is currently a full professor of Faulty of Law of University of Macau, was held successfully on 23rd October, 2017. Prof. Neuwirth shared with us his idea of “Creativity”.

The lecture began with the question of “Why Creativity”. Several creative images were presented by Prof. Neuwirth to explain the concept of perception and intuition. The most interesting image was “Frog” or “Horse”. When we turned the “Frog” in a counterclockwise direction, it became a “Horse”!

Prof. Neuwirth mentioned that “Creativity” used to be understood as an activity related to artistic or creative work. However, “Creativity” has resumed greater importance in economic activities and trade, as well as commerce from the past decades. That could be simply concluded as Culture (concept based on creative assets) plus Trade (potentially generating economic growth and development) equal to Creativity Economy.

Prof. Neuwirth ended the lecture by sharing a youtube link which was his another lecture about Oxymoron – The Force of an ‘Open Secret’. (

The event was well attended more than 30 students and the response from the audience enthusiastic.

蔡繼有書院院長茶聚;與Rostam J. Neuwirth教授探討“創意經濟”

蔡繼有書院於十月二十三日舉辦了院長茶聚,我們有幸邀請了澳門大學法學院 Rostam J. Neuwirth教授與我們分享何謂“創意經濟”。

此次茶聚是以教授的一個問題開始的,“為什麼需要創意?” Neuwirth教授通過幾張創意圖片來解釋感知和直覺的概念。其中最有趣的一張是“青蛙”或“馬”的圖片——當我們將“青蛙”逆時針旋轉時,它就變成了“馬”!