The last Master’s Tea features the Pong sisters: Cynthia Pong, JD, and Dr. Myra Pong, who talks about “Breaking Boundaries and Embracing Change.” Billed as “A Tale of Two Sisters”, the two take turn in discussing how their lives and careers are shaped or guided by certain principles, and how these principles in turn help them through life.

Cynthia, the elder of the two (by barely two years), tells us how she had wanted to help disadvantaged people in the legal system by training to be a public defender, even though she hated law school. But the life of a public defender is hard – there are not sufficient resources (human or material). So, after six years, she decided to explore alternative careers – selling vegetables in a farm’s market, working for an NGO which runs a bookstore, and finally settles down (at least for now) to be a legal adviser to NGOs and offering coaching sessions to stressed-out professors to manage their careers and deal with crises.

Myra, taking lessons from her years of travelling between the US and Hong Kong as a child, and then attending school in England (LSE, twice) and Beijing (PKU), ending with a PhD from the Institute of Development Studies, UK) with a dissertation on Migrants’ Children’s Education in Beijing, advises us to be sensitive to the boundaries that separate people. Nationality, ethnicity, culture, language, social class, education, gender, age, and so forth – they are reasons that people do not get along with each other. Hence her interest in the education of children of China’s millions of migrant workers. Breaking boundaries, then, can help us embrace changes in life, and vice versa.

Twenty-six attended this event, despite its coming in the middle of the final exams.

本學期最後一次蔡繼有書院院長茶聚邀請到了龐氏姐妹Cynthia Pong, JD和Myra Pong博士與大家一起探討的主題——“打破邊界,擁抱變化”,這也可被稱為“兩姐妹的故事”。茶聚間,她們分享了各自的生活和職業是如何被某些原則塑造或引導的,以及這些原則是如何反過來在生活方面幫助她們。





由蔡繼有書院院生 陳嘉琪翻譯