CKYC Activity: Application to be a Buddy in Indiana University South Bend Visit, May 30-Jun 1, 2017 / 蔡繼有書院活動: 有關印第安納州南灣大學到訪交流的伙伴招募計劃, 2017年5月30日 – 6月1日

Dear CKYC members,

Greetings from Choi Kai Yau College! You are cordially invited to be the Buddy in the Indiana University South Bend Visit, May 30-Jun 1, 2017!

CKY College will join IUSB in organizing cultural activities and the Buddies will enhance their language skill, enjoy new friends, and broaden their global perspective! Come and join us to welcome friends from USA!!

Interested parties please scan the QR Code on the Poster for registration.

We look forward to seeing you and should there be any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,

Choi Kai Yau College



您好,現誠邀各位勇躍報名,成為 美國印第安納州南灣大學到訪交流 的伙伴之一!

書院將於2017年5月30日 至 6月1日接待到訪的印第安納州南灣大學交流團,通過文化體驗、走訪澳門歷史城區等活動讓書院院生與來自美國的學生交流學習。參加此交流團的小伙伴們,更能夠把握機會鍛練英語技能、結識美國朋友、擴闊眼界,不失為一次寶貴的經驗!

有興趣的同學可掃描海報上的QR Code報名。