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This November is a significant month in America because the president election is held on Nov 8, 2016. In order to develop the Citizenship with Global Perspective & Patriotism, one of the Five Competencies of Residential College, Choi Kai Yau College invites all College member to watch the live returns of America’s 2016 Election on the date. Several American professors, Prof. Jacky So, Prof. Zhidong Hao, Prof. Philip Yeung, Prof. Spenser Benson, Prof. Jia Yuan, Dr. Michael Li, Dr. Chris Wong, and Ms. Alice Lee also share their opinions with students. In addition, the College Master and the Associate College Master of CKYC, Prof. David Pong and Dr. Walter Ho are being the chef on that morning to cook the delicious omelette for all attendants!


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美國總統大選在今年的十一月八日舉行,對於美國而言,這是一個至關重要的月份為了發展同學們住宿式書院的五大能力之一,培養同學們成為擁有全球視角和愛國主義的公民,蔡繼有書院邀請所有院生齊來觀看2016年美國總統大選當天的直播其中蘇育洲教授、郝志東教授、蕭楊輝教授,Spenser Benson教授、袁嘉教授、李自豪博士、黃冠豪博士和Alice Lee小姐也向同學們分享他們的見解。 此外,蔡繼有書院院長龐百騰教授和副院長何敬恩博士更擔任主廚,為現場所有來賓及院生烹飪美味的奄列。


Written by CKYC Student Janice, Chen Jiaqi