Application is now opened for China Study Tour: A Tale of Three Cities, May 31 to Jun 13, 2016

Application is now opened for the China Study Tour: A Tale of Three Cities.  Please go for details and to apply.  Any inquiry, please contact

The purpose of this study tour is for you to learn something about the United States, particularly in this year of American Presidential Election.  At the same time, by sharing a room with an American student for two weeks, you will have an unsurpassed opportunity to practice and improve your English, not to mention learning more about American student life.  At the same time, you will serve as cultural ambassadors for Macau and China’s rich history and culture.  Like you, the American students join this study tour to learn about another country.  In their case, it is China.

15 CKYC students will be selected, based on their own record (academic and contribution to College life).  The successful students will then share a room with an American student selected from a vast number of universities in the United States.  I shall be the Program and Tour Director, along with Ms. Pauline Lau of the Hong Kong America Center.

We will offer you an unbeatable bargain: a 14-day study tour of Beijing, Hong Kong, and Macau (with many side trips) for only US$373.00 (about MOP3,000), May 31 – June 13, 2016.  The Study Tour begins with Macau (3 days) and ends in Beijing (8 days), with Hong Kong (3 days) in between.

CKYC will provide scholarships of MOP1,000 for all students on the tour.  However, the amount can go up to MOP2,000 depending on the no. of CKYC Stars you have earned.  Your final cost can be as little as MOP 1,000 including all travel expenses, half the meals (all great meals), hotels in Hong Kong and Beijing, and many side trips (Forbidden City, Yi He Yuan, Great Wall, and many more).

 So, REGISTER NOW, and continue to earn more CKYC stars!  As poster is attached.  Hard copies of the poster are found around the College, on elevators, and so on.  CKYC students are restricted to the May 29-June 13 tour only.  Application deadline has been extended because of delays on the American side. [In the poster, there is a second tour on a later date; it is for students from Hong Kong].

 Further, we are recruiting a student helper on the tour.  This student should have strong leadership skills (RTs and RAs may also apply).  The successful applicant will receive a full scholarship of MOP3,000.  The College reserves the right not to appoint such a student helper