Choi Kai Yau College students had a great opportunity to join 10 Americans, 2 Hong Kong students in a Study Tour of Macau, Hong Kong and Beijing for two weeks, May 31- June 13. Picturesquely called “A Tale of 3 Cities” Study Tour, it was funded by a generous Ford Foundation Grant, and co-sponsored by CKYC, the Beijing Center and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Management College. Thirteen CKYC and the two Hong Kong students roomed with the 10 students coming from various parts of the United States. Prof. David Pong, College Master of Choi Kai Yau College and the Program Director of this Study Tour, has chosen Macau as the first destination.

The tour started with a warm buffet welcome dinner at Choi Kai Yau College Refectory. In that evening, students introduced themselves and enjoyed the food over lively conversations. In the following days in Macau, students learned about Macau’s history, economy, and society from lectures by Prof. Pong, Dr. Yang Zhang and Prof. Eilo Yu. To introduce Macau to Hong Kong and U.S. students, our College students brought them to visit the Macau Museum, Sao Paulo and other World Heritage sites. They also tried Macau’s local cuisine, like pork bun, yum cha and Portuguese food.



After enjoying a few days in Macau, the students’ next stop was Hong Kong. Dr. Kwong Chi Man and Prof. Pong delivered two fascinating lectures respectively on Hong Kong History and the civilization of China to better prepare the students before they travelled to Beijing. In Hong Kong, Prof. Pong took the students for a walking tour of the city. They started from Tai Po market, then took the train to Tsim Sha Tsui and walked up to Mid-level before ending up at Sheung Wan to learn about the local culture and living habits of both the expatriates and the locals. The students also enjoy an entire day exploring the fishing village of Tai-O on Lantau Island. Furthermore, the Hong Kong students from Hang Seng Management College also shared with the students their daily living experience.

The final stop of this tour was the capital of China, Beijing. We were welcomed by The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies, housed in the Beijing University of International Business and Economics. The staff of the Center not only introduced us to the History, politics and culture of China, but also brought us to the historic sites to explore and experience the culture. Among the places we visited were the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace), the Summer Palace, Tian’anmen Square, The Altar to Heaven, the Great Wall and so many other historic sites. But for some of the students, the most special experience was the Tai Chi Class at the Temple of Heaven. As a result of these experiences, we have become more aware of the history and culture of China. In addition, because two of the U.S. students have been staying in Beijing for half year prior to the Study Tour, they were able to show us what the local Chinese students would do during their free time, like singing karaoke and enjoying skewered barbecued food.


This Study Tour has been hugely enriching. It has not just only brought us many unforgettable memories and knowledge about the 3 Cities- Macau, Hong Kong and Beijing, but also we have built up friendships with students from Hong Kong and Unites States and had a unique cultural experience during these 14 days of Study Tour. We have learned so much about our peers in Hong Kong and the United States, and many of us, through our interactions, have also greatly improved our language skills as well.

Edited by CKYC student Eric Liu