Opening Registration for Year-One students Master’s Dinner

CKYC now will organize the 2nd Semester “Year-One Students Master’s Dinner” , which in RC requirements in 2015/16 academic year in order to let you understand the Experiential Collegiate Education, or Community and Peer Education.

Details as below:

1) Jan 19 (Tuesday)
2) Feb 18 (Thursday)
3) Feb 23 (Tuesday)
4) Mar 10 (Thursday)
5) Mar 15 (Tuesday)
6) Mar 22 (Tuesday)

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Location: CKYC Dining Hall

Participants: All CKYC year-one Students are required to participant (compulsory)

Maximum Capacity: 14Year-One students

Dress Code: Semi-Formal

Registration: Please scan the QR Code in posters before 14 Jan noon

* Attendance will be marked.