CKYC Master’s Tea with Dr. John D. Ho: “Happiness: A Perspective Borrowed from Economics” / 蔡繼有書院院長茶聚:與何秩生博士探討「快樂-以經濟學來衡量人生觀」

CKYC Master’s Tea with Dr.John D.Ho, themed at “Happiness: a perspective borrowed from Economics”, was held successfully on 6th March. Dr. John D. Ho, who teaches at Lingnan University in Hong Kong gave us an insight into happiness using some concepts borrowing from economics.

The discussion went all over the place: we talked about ethical, social, legal and political constraints, spiritual and religious perspectives, hedonism vs. asceticism, risk as a source of Happiness.So, it’s not all just about money or enjoying a budget of one’s needs.

More than 50 students and a few fellows at at the CKYC Fellows Salon to explore the desire for or state of happiness. A lively discussion followed. The Master’s Tea came to an end in a most cordial manner.




蔡繼有書院學生 李宇靖及張俏婷




Pancake Party Poster

Mardi Gras, Pankcake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday on Feb 28, 2017

Pancake, pancake, everywhere! Feb 28, 2017 was Pancake Tuesday, a festival celebrated in many parts of the world. Nearly 30 CKYC Collegians, including the 3-year old genius Hinter, gathered at the Master’s apartment, frying pancakes! Many learned how to do the pancake mix and fry the pancakes for the first time. It happened to be Shuvoraj’s birthday, so we spontaneously broke out into a “Happy Birthday” song for him. Then someone made a mistake by asking why “Pancake Tuesday”. This gave Prof. Pong the excuse to give a mini lecture on Mardi Gras (variously known as Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday), its relationship to Easter, Lent, Ash Wednesday, and all that! Many did not realize that they had been unwittingly introduced to a secularized religious festival! Never mind, a good time was had by all – a Canadian, an Aussie, a couple of Americans, HongKong’ers , 3 Japanese, 2 Bangladeshis, many Mainlanders and Macau local. Now, after all the fat stuff have been consumed, the fast begins with Lent (when daylight begins to lengthen, which is “lent” in old English).


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The Second Choi Kai Yau College Open House for Principal’s Recommended Admission Students on Mar 4, 2017 / 第二場蔡繼有書院校長推薦入學學生活動日於2017年3月4日舉行


Choi Kai Yau College held the Second Open House for Principal’s Recommended Admission Students on Mar 4, 2017. After sharing lunch with CKYC students and staff, the PRA students and classmates, together with 3 parents retired to the Fellow Salon for ice-breaking games. College Master, Prof. David Pong, Associate Master, Dr. Walter Ho, Resident Fellows, Administrative Staff, Representatives from House Associations, Floor Leaders, and Interest Groups introduced the residential life respectively to the PRA students. A tour of the College facilities and living quarters made a deep impression.

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The First Choi Kai Yau College Open House for Principal’s Recommended Admission Students on Feb 25, 2017 / 第一場蔡繼有書院校長推薦入學學生活動日於2017年2月25日舉行

Choi Kai Yau College held the First Open House for Principal’s Recommended Admission Students on Feb 25, 2017. After the exciting ice-breaking activity, Dr. Walter Ho, the Associate Master introduced the Residential College system of University of Macau, College life at CKYC to the PRA students and parents. Dr. Wai Chung Li, Resident Fellow of CKYC and Ms. Ishtar Chan, Functional Head of CKYC were invited to introduce the College’s classes and interest groups. In addition, representatives from CKYC House Association and CKYC Cheerleading Team also shared their wonderful experience in learning and residential life to the PRA students. The Open House ended up with a College Tour and Luncheon at the College Dining Hall.

More PRA students have signed up for our Second Open House on Mar 4, 2017!








Gu 02

CKYC Master’s Tea with Prof. Xinhua Gu – “Casino tourism, income inequality, and housing bubbles in Macao ” 蔡繼有書院院長茶聚 – 與顧新華教授探討 “澳門歷史與社會”

Macau is a special city with an unusual role in politics and history. The University of Macau is a center for studying Macau from many perspectives, including political, economic and social developmental.Prof. Xinhua GU is a Professor of Business Economics in the University of Macau. One of his many scholarly interests is the study of economic development of Macau. He also pays a lot of attention to the economic problems in Macau.

At the invitation of Prof. Pong, the Master of Choi Kai Yau College, Prof. GU gives a talk on “Casino tourism, income inequality, and housing bubbles in Macao” in the Master’s Tea series in the evening on 14th of November in the evening. To begin, Prof. GU briefly introduced the economic development of Macau. Then he went deeper into analysising the problems about Macau’s economy. There were 3 main problems about the economic development of Macau, he says . For instance, he points up the side-effects of gaming-biased economic growth, which are(1) VIP-based, gaming-biased, foreign-dominated tourism, (2) income inequality , widening gap in wealth and consumption distributions, and (3) ballooning housing bubbles. These, he says, are sources of social discntent. Prof. GU thinks that analytical studies of these issues will have policy implications for Macau. The government can base its actions on these implications to benefit society.

More than 40 students and some UM academic staff gathered at the Fellows’ Salon of CKYC to listen to Prof.GU. A lively discussion followed. The Master’s Tea came to an end in a most cordial manner.

Prepared by:
Year 2 Choi Kai Yau College student Mr. Ouyang Mingcong

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蔡繼有書院二年級學生 歐陽銘聰